Shed and shelter design

What is a shed?

Hello Sheddies, Shedists and fans of Shedism! Welcome back to Sue’s Shed!

First of all – here is the potential site of Sue’s Shed. Well done Option #1, I look forward to working with you.


The victorious Option #1 – close to veggies

What is a shed??

I would guess that each and every one of you has your own thoughts on this topic. I’m guessing that some of you probably think that this is somewhat dumb question, because everybody knows what a shed is.

This is not something I had really thought about until my husband came home from teaching his first shed design course. (Yes, such a thing exists). It was probably not something that his students had given a lot of thought to either. It is however, something that we have discussed in great detail since. I will be sharing some more thoughts about “what is a shed?” in future posts!

So, I got to thinking about my shed and I decided that I really don’t want something that everybody else has. I don’t want a big ugly chunk of plastic, or a She- Shed, or a small, dark and dingy place to store tools. To be honest – I already have that… I call it “Ugly Shed”.


Ugly shed

You see what I mean? There is no way that this could be called attractive. I could paint it bright blue and put in a couple of windows, but that still is not quite what I have in mind. It would still be a toolshed, in which mice live and foxes hide under. For me – this isn’t a shed – it’s extra storage.

From my perspective – Sue’s Shed is going to be a place of refuge, somewhere that I can go to relax, plan my garden and keep track of what is happening in my yard. Nobody else’s plans are important – just mine. ALL MINE… and that’s what I think a shed is. A personal space.
So, if you have a spare few minutes – think about this:

What do you think a shed is?
Is it somewhere for you to store tools?
Is it a potting shed?
Is it a favourite hiding place?
Is it a shared space?
Is it comfortable?
Is it hidden or in plain sight?
These are just a few ideas that I came up with. I’m really excited to hear what you think and look forward to sharing some ideas – and pictures of your ugly sheds!

Over the next few posts I’m going to start sharing a few hints and tips about planning for the shed. I’m also going to take a few backward steps so that you can learn a bit more about my shed decisions so far!

News from Sue’s Shed:

This is very exciting because
a. I have news to share and,
b. A couple of guest bloggers have agreed to join us – I will be introducing them to you very soon.