Shed and shelter design

Shed & Shelter Design

Working with SMOL Design

How do you go about designing a shed?

Our design philosophy is rooted in modernism. Simply put, the approach of ‘less is more’ and ‘less but better’ is suited perfectly to the design of small spaces. We view the limited room available in a shed not as a hindrance, but as a glorious opportunity for great design.

What to expect

What happens during the design stage?

We visit you at the site to understand what is important to you. It is very important for us to establish what your shed will be used for; art, meditation, writing etc.

Each design is different, as they should be, and so the design stage varies according to your specifications. The clearer the vision you have, the more successful the final design will be.

Do I need any planning approvals?

In City of Calgary, any shed less than 100ft2 does not require a development permit. If you are tying your shed into the household electric grid then electrical permits are required.

In rural municipalities, the rules are more relaxed, however checking with the appropriate planning office is always the correct thing to do.

In either case, the drawings produced at the design stage will be suitable for presentation.

In all cases, obtaining relevant permits is the responsibility of the customer.

How long does the construction take?

Construction time is based on complexity of the build, site restrictions, inclement weather and wait times. A basic shed, with easy access to the site and great weather takes approximately 2 months. Don’t forget, this is a custom build (no cookie cutter stuff here) and therefore does take longer to construct than an off-the-shelf product.

Can I build my own shed or get somebody else to do it?

Of course! Once the design is agreed to and the design fee is paid in full, you are free to choose how you construct your shed.


What are the payment terms?

The design consultations are free. However once the design has been produced and the estimated cost established, full payment of the design fee must be made to release the designs.

Once the design has been agreed, signed off, and paid in full, a 50% deposit is required to start construction.

Upon 50% construction completion, a further 25% of the construction cost is required.

The remaining 25% (and all GST) is due upon the final completion of the shed.

What warranties do I get?

We offer one year from the date of final construction completion to repair or replace any defects.

What if I change my mind?

The design fee is non-refundable.

The initial 50% construction deposit is refundable in full 14 days from date of payment.

After 14 Days, the initial 50% is non-refundable.

All subsequent payments are non-refundable.