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I want…

Hello Sheddies, Shedists and fans of Shedism!

Welcome back to Sue’s Shed and greetings from Palm Springs!!

SMOL Design are finally on holiday and we are exploring Palm Springs!

It’s hot, it’s sunny and I haven’t seen any examples of Mid-Century Modern Sheds! I’ll be honest though – I have been enjoying the architecture (and the pool) so much I haven’t really looked for any! I have however seen a lot of wind turbines and solar panels which have given me some more things to mull over! We also discovered this BEAUTIFUL house when we took our own MCM architecture tour. Sigh – one day…

PS dream house

Anyhoo – In my last post, I invited you to think about why you want a shed and what you think a shed is. You probably still think that these are daft questions, but they are really quite important because they help you figure out the answer to the next couple of questions.

Shed top of Mt San Jacinto

Shed at the top of Mt San Jacinto.

What do you want to use your shed for?

What do you want to do in there?

To be honest, the only person that these things really need to matter to is you, because it is your shed, your space.

I want the shed to be my refuge from everyday life! The place where I contemplate what to do next, where I plan my planting for the next year. I want it to be functional and to use space well. I want to have storage for my tools, shelves for my gardening books and some space to store my seeds. On the outside, I want a sheltered area to act as my potting area because I make way too much mess to be doing that on the inside.

Do you notice/ how many times I said “I want?”

I am by nature untidy, so not having too big a space is a good thing. I need space for a couple of reasonably comfy chairs and a small table. I’d like solar power and to be set up to catch grey water efficiently.

You can see why there is a certain amount of planning that needs to happen.

Sometimes I think that I may be putting more time and effort into planning my shed than I have in any other area of the house. This is the only time I have ever planned during the day, normally I make decisions like this In the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and announce them to Manny the next morning. Not all of these decisions go down well, so it’s probably as well that this shed is strictly my domain.

Our next post will be by our first INTERNATIONAL guest blogger – the very lovely Deb Jacobs!!!