Shed and shelter design

How Does Concrete Feel?

We bought a bear.  Made of metal and newly named Vyvyan (after Vyvyan from The Young Ones) he now sits proudly on the fireplace.  He’s one of those things you can’t help but pick up – just to see what he feels like. Surprisingly,  he’s quite light in weight and the texture rough and irregular.

Vyvyan got me thinking about the tactile nature of things and how important touch is when you buy an object for a space.  Do you want to reach out and touch it? Is it rough or smooth? Is it cool or warm?  Does it feel how you expected or was it a surprise?
That’s what we aim for with everything that SMOL Design makes – we want it to be invitingly tactile, we want you to be surprised by the texture, the colour, the shape. We want you to be surprised by the versatility of concrete.


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