Shed and shelter design

How do we make our products?


At SMOL Design all items are designed and hand crafted from start to finish by SMOL Design and I thought it might be a good time to give an insight into the process.

Each design when finalized is made into a wooden template which is sanded and finished with a protective coat of shellac (yes- the same stuff they use in a manicure).  The wooden template gives us an idea of whether the product is going to work or not and what needs to be changed.

From the wooden template, a silicone cast is made. The important thing at this stage is to make sure that the wooden mold is as finished as the end product should be – the better the template and mold are – the better the final product!! This also reduces time and cost as less time is spend grinding and polishing at the end.

Now comes the waiting… Patience really is a virtue! With each new item, I am excited to see how it looks once it pops out of the mold? Concrete likes to take its time and because it has to have ‘gone off’ fully – sometimes it’s really hard to wait! All the curing concrete is wrapped in plastic sheet for at least twelve hours. This aids the curing process. Larger pieces need longer, for example a kitchen counter top will need at least two days.

So… What if it doesn’t work? What if we don’t like it? What if it cracks or breaks?  The answer is easy – we go back and start again – recycle the concrete as aggregate for something else and rework the template and cast a new mold.


Next is the fun part – bringing out the beauty of the concrete. Hand finishing it, sanding, polishing and waxing it to make sure that it looks fantastic, ready for use!


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