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Hello Sheddies, Shedists and fans of Shedism! Welcome to Sue’s Shed

Ugly Shed

Hello Sheddies, Shedists and fans of Shedism!

unnamedThis is an amended older post (June 2015) and taken from the original Sue’s Shed on Blogger. All Blogger posts have been uploaded to

Firstly – a bit about me – I’m keeping this brief, because I already had one monster gin and tonic and just started on a second. (Cheers!!) I wanted to call this the Tipsy Gardener – but she already exists! So here it is… Sue’s Shed.

Welcome to my shed!

I’m Sue, I’m mum of two, I co-own a business with my husband, I work full time, I have a veggie garden. I need to design and build the actual physical shed, but more on that another time. The image is my current shed – its crapness disappoints me on a regular basis…

Over the past few years I have felt a vague inclination to write – not a novel or anything important, just to, kind of share a piece of me that otherwise remains hidden. I do all the writing for SMOL Design on Facebook, Twitter and our website and I quite like it, but it was not quite what I need to do, which is why I’ve changed the focus of the blog. Thanks to Toastmasters I discovered that I actually quite enjoyed the process of writing short little speeches. It occurred to me that I could probably enjoy writing blog posts. I also learned that I couldn’t really care less if I made another Toastmasters speech or not. (Sorry to all members).

Anyway, that’s it for now. So, welcome to my shed – I look forward to sharing my shedist journey with you!