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Happy Canada Day from Sue’s Shed


Hello Sheddies, Shedists and fans of Shedism!

Happy Canada Day!!

Welcome back to Sue’s Shed. First of all, I’m still not 100% settled on how this blog is going to work, but I think that essentially it is going to be about my shed. So, after a particularly thundery and restless night, I’m going to imagine that I am settling into Sue’s shed and wait for the sun to come out!

First things first…When I say ‘shed’ I mean a proper shed. Not a plastic thing from a big box store. This is a shed that I will be designing and building with the expert support of my husband. Secondly, let’s just be clear that I’m not planning a She Shed with flouncy curtains and soft furnishings, where I can do yoga or write a novel. Nor am I planning a pub shed. (Although I can see the merit in that) I’m talking about a shed where I can go and enjoy my own headspace and invite folks in when I want. Thinking about it, there probably will be booze available in the shed – rhubarb wine anyone???

Today I plan on figuring out where Sue’s shed will be situated. Fortunately, we have enough space for me to have plenty of options. I just need to do some more thinking about where the best place is going to be. Currently option #1 is favourite, mostly because it is close to my vegetable garden, Option 2 however gives me much more space to play with and Option 3 is perhaps too secluded.

So here are some potential spaces for my shed!!

Let me know what you think! The next post should have a decision regarding placement, along with some more thoughts about sheds in general.

Option #3

Option #3 – Well away from anywhere


Option #1 – Near the veggies

option #2

Option #2- Out of the way