Shed and shelter design

Concrete Canvas Headboard

What do you think about a concrete canvas headboard?? Bet you had never even considered it before.

I had given it a lot of thought… Pondering the versatility of concrete canvas I wondered how it would work as a headboard. As you know, we are always looking for new ways to use and showcase concrete and more recently concrete canvas. We have needed a headboard forever and we have spent many painful shopping trips looking for something that we both like and are willing to pay for and this idea seemed to fit the bill.

Originally designed for military use, Concrete Canvas is a material which we really enjoy working with. It is brilliantly versatile and because it dries to a rock solid finish it lends itself  to many different forms indoors and out.  It also has a real ‘WOW’ factor to it – usually because people don’t believe you when you tell them that it is concrete. 

As far as design goes, simplicity turned out to be the key… Visitors to our workshop would no doubt have wondered what they were witnessing as they saw the frame and canvas suspended from the ceiling… It took a while but the results were FANTASTIC!!!! You can clearly see the weft and the weave of the canvas – from a distance it looks like it may be soft but in reality it is rock solid. To learn more about Concrete Canvas see a previous blog post (

I got my very own concrete canvas headboard framed with oak- it is truly beautiful and I love it! Other people love it too!

The wonderful thing about working with concrete and concrete canvas is that every piece is truly unique. No two pieces ever finish looking the same – even if they are the same design. Nobody else in the world has one like it! Isn’t that just brilliant???????

We are constantly coming up with new ideas so keep an eye on the website as we are currently working on new designs and a number of up cycled pieces of furniture. Feel free to contact us with your ideas – we’d be happy to make them a reality!