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Caring for your concrete



So how do you look after your concrete to keep it in optimum condition?

Concrete is by nature an absorbent material and needs to be protected to ensure that any spills that occur around it will not be soaked up, or that if you use it with food that no food residue, oil or bacteria will be absorbed to the detriment of the  product. SMOL Design hand polishes and waxes each item to ensure that it is well protected and looks its best for you. We have two waxes, one which gives a matte finish and the other which ensures a high gloss. We would advise that you add a quick coating of wax every three months on items such as the candle holders, skulls and trays.

Each coating of wax has the potential to deepen the patina of the concrete, and this is very normal with concrete.  Over time concrete that is waxed will change colour slightly, this is not a bad thing as it adds character to the piece. Don’t worry though -it is not going to look hugely different!

On the subject of washing, we would recommend hand washing all SMOL Design products – you can put them through the dishwasher if you wish, but exercise some caution – top rack only and a regular wash.Items that you have used for serving food will appreciate an application of wax  after each wash.

Hope that answers questions you may have about caring for your concrete – if you have any other questions please get in touch!


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