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All change on the blog front – Welcome to Sue’s Shed


    Hello Sheddies, Shedists and fans of   Shedism!

Due to all the changes that have been happening at SMOL Design, there is a big change  with the blog. Sue’s Shed is transitioning from blogger to being housed here on our website.

All the previous posts have now been uploaded, and this week as a special treat, our post is from our first ever guest blogger Deb Jacobs! Deb is an colleague of mine from the days back when we both worked in the NHS and discovered a mutual love of gardening, hot drinks and fun.

Here’s a bit about Deb:

“I have always lived in houses with gardens, all over the UK, and enjoy growing my own fruit and veg. A shed has always featured in my garden, sometimes two sheds. They’re essential for somewhere to keep your gardening tools, plant pots and fertiliser – even more essential for somewhere to store your after-gardening seating.

I live in Preston with my 18 year old daughter and am currently not working, meaning more time for shed-related activities.”